wrong number.

i’m sorry

your call has been disconnected

the number you are trying to reach

has been emotionally unavailable

please try your call again when

-they have realized what life is all about

-they have given up their teen years

-they have aged mentally past age 12

-they have gotten their priorities straight

-they have gotten over their ex-wife

i call and call

but the number

doesn’t seem

to work,

at all

at all.

Untelling the story.

we talk

I listen to the good and bad,

the wishes you had,

listen to the space between breaths-

I think I can undo this.

Undo the hurt, fill those spaces.

We’ll go back,

unwind that clock,

Undo the should’ve beens, the wish I’d’s,

Let’s untell this story.

We can make our own time machine

fueled by the electricity in our touch,

the heat from our kiss,

we can do this.

You give me your past

and I’ll give you mine.

We’ll cancel it out.

We’re untelling everything from this


Unraveling all that hurt until we find-

we’ve quilted something extraordinary.