sometimes you fall in love with the wrong person.

sometimes your heart betrays what your mind already knows.

sometimes you see what you want to see instead of what is actually there.

sometimes you fall for a fraud.

a sleight of hand,

a fallacy.

do not blame yourself.

self-hatred only digs the hole deeper in your aching soul.

it is a lesson.

teaching you to rely on yourself more,

to listen to your body, your mind, your being.

be afraid to love again.

the biggest lie in the world

is that recovery means learning to trust again.

recovery is learning to trust yourself again.

let others come into your fold,

not the other way around.


If I have loved you,

You were lucky.

Because when I love,

I love with every last bit of me.

From the roots of my hair to

the tips of my toes: I am yours.

I love fiercely.

My love is a rarity in these

throw-away times.

But if you took my love

for granted,

You will find that

It does have an end,

The brightest light in your life

will burn out.

Your soul will be lost

at sea.

My love takes no prisoners.


Someone comes along. They put a large band-aid on you. To help your wounds heal. That same person comes and rips it off. Then, when your wounds are worse, they come along and put a new band-aid on. Then, they start to pull that band-aid, slowly. One little piece at a time. So slow you can barely tell, except for a quiet throbbing. But finally, the last piece is removed and that someone disappears. Your wound is exposed. You are the same as before that person existed.