Why would I want to fit myself into someone else’s dream? Or force someone to take on mine? It either fits or it doesn’t. Jamming two puzzle pieces that look like they should go together doesn’t make them fit any better, and it ruins the picture. It also leaves those pieces out that do fit perfectly.

I can scream for you until my lungs give out.

I can long for you until my mind gives up.

I can reach for you until my arms collapse.

Wanting never breeds anything but disappointment.

Perhaps that’s for a reason.

Sure we could fall back into

easy love,

satisfied smiles and



kisses so deep we fall through

the earth,


My Lips were not enough

to hold you close,

My Thighs were not enough

to make you want to live in them,

My Laugh not enough

to make you picture forever,

My Love not enough

to make you stay.

Doing the same thing over and over

expecting different results

is not insanity.

It’s misery.