The loss of you is acute:

fingertips numb,

sense of time distortion.

My brain knows you are still alive-

still moving through your daily life

But inside my heart

You have died. 

I move through your funeral inside the 

house of my body,

I see you laid out, unmoving with eyes 


Lightning flash and you are twisting 

beneath the sheets,

You are smiling on the couch,

resting your hands on my inner thigh,

Cat-calling me as I walk down your

apartment stairs

Another flash,

And there you are in a suit, stiff and still

with coffin walls to contain your spirit-

Just me to sit and wait 

Wondering what the priest inside me has 

to say,

What comfort he will bring. 

That lightning flash,

and you are grinning in my driveway,

opening my door,

kissing my lips like you’ve never kissed 


The loss of you is omnipresent,

You have died 

And I cannot resurrect you.  


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