the wanderer.


you know i can’t hold you down, can’t pin your comet tail to this earth

nothing’s going to slow that bullet force coming out of you

punkrat scene kid, sleeping under bridges

trying to find the next best high, the sound that shattered your soul

fully planning on waking up dead.

but those days are long gone, baby

all you have left is your wander

and i’m not taking it from you-

i need a bed that stays still beside me, not the creak of toss and turn.

i need the steady roll of tires beneath me, not the squeal of paths unplanned.

i need the constant, reassuring sound of chatter, not the finality of dial tone.

roam wherever you can, be as free as you need to be

but if your back gets old and weary and you find yourself lying still at night,

your rock-steady

waits for you.


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