starting something new.

So, I decided that part of what made 2016 such an awful year was the pervasive stench of social media. So, I gave it up for the new year. 

No more posts on Facebook or wasting time scrolling through my news feed for funny tidbits, cat videos, or political nonsense. 

This isn’t without its downsides though. People who can only get ahold of me through messenger will no longer be able to get ahold of me. I won’t be able to post fun things I am doing. I won’t know what’s going on in the lives of Facebook friends unless they are close friends and get ahold of me. 

But I guess that’s the point. Only connecting with what/who is real. I find it an interesting social experiment. 

I am also giving up alcohol for three months, as a detox/cleanse. I won’t be drinking until I go to Ireland in the beginning of April. 

I don’t anticipate too many problems from this. I’m curious as to the physical and physiological changes my body will go through. 

I will continue to update this blog, because no one reads this anyway. 😆



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