the forgetting. 

I’ve been reading rupi kaur, since getting her book “milk and honey” for Christmas. She makes me want to write poetry again. Her voice is simple; ideas complex. This one hit me because of the time of year-a time to end thoughts of those who are not worth dwelling on.

So I decided to add my own voice to this poem-call it a fan tribute. But also my thoughts in response to what her poem triggered in my head.

the forgetting-

Some days it is easy, they slip by like ribbons through my fingers-

Ribbons you have not dirtied or crushed.

The thought of you doesn’t darken my face with its shadow.

Some days it is raw, these days grind me up and spit me out in pieces.

Pieces you have touched so thoroughly.

Your face haunts from every corner.


The silver lining is: even on raw days, the memory is growing dimmer.

the forgetting is growing stronger. the letting go is taking hold.


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