So today I decided I was going to bite the bullet and write my first article for iWriter. I scanned in vain at the measly offerings and decided on writing a professional article about the latest news about Chris Hemsworth. I know of him, but really could care less. But, a dollar is a dollar, right? No, seriously. The 150 word article paid $1.01. Took an hour to write.

But…I feel everyone needs to pay their dues when they are working up the ladder in a field they desperately want to be in. So, I grabbed myself a Coors Lite and settled my laptop on my knees to dive into the insipid world of the rich and famous. I did my research and wrote a concise, professionally-toned article about Hemsworth and his latest filming endeavors.

And…it was rejected.

Reason? Poor quality.

Next time, dude, just get out a gun and shoot me. Telling a writer who lives and breathes to write that their stuff is poor quality is like telling Kiefer Sutherland he can’t act. Next time, burn down my house and piss on my grandpa’s grave too. Sigh.

Well, that was overly dramatic. However, there’s a certain part of you that dies when someone says they don’t like something you’ve created. It’s a little stain on your soul; almost a rejection of you as a person.

In other news, Cinder the cat has begun to perch atop my bedroom door so that it can’t be opened or closed. As an added bonus, she will bat at your hair as you pass by and possibly grab scalp as well. Little furry asshole.


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